Grace E - Veg

Grace E – Veg

  • Reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) like cravings, anxiety, panic attacks and chronic depression.
  • Prevents Sun damage to your skin and aids in growth and nourishment of healthy hair.
  • Helps in building collagen, which improves the quality and structure of your skin, acting as a natural anti-ageing defense system.
  • Helps in controlling the effects of Diabetes, Hypertension, or atherosclerosis.


E Veg – 500 mg liquid filled capsules containing Vitamin E 400 IU + Wheat Germ Oil 100 mg

Two is better than one – Clichéd but true!

Here’s presenting the ideal combination of two healthy oils, Vitamin E oil and Wheat germ oil encapsulated together by Nutra Grace. Both are very popular and are consumed by a large majority of people to derive health benefits. Both these oils are beneficial for health, skin and hair. So, this unique combination promises to provide multiple benefits in various ways.

So, let’s explore the benefits of these oils.

Vitamin E oil - Vitamin E is not only a single vitamin, but a powerhouse of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals. The free radicals in the body are a cause for many diseases including cancer. Although many people portray Vitamin E supplement as a potent antioxidant, it also boasts of many other benefits.

They are:

  • It provides relief from muscle cramps, which often rob people’s sleep away.
  • Vitamin E supplement is known to reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin E supplement prevents coronary heart diseases.
  • Including E Veg capsules in the daily diet can reduce the risk of age-related
  • Vitamin E supplement is known to save ladies from the agonizing PMS
  • It is a great solution for low sperm count.

Wheat Germ Oil- As wheat germ oil is high in Vitamin E, it boasts of all the benefits of Vitamin E.

Additional benefits of wheat germ oil are:

  • It is popularly used in alternative medicine to treat a variety of health issues.
  • It has essential fatty acids, which are essential for the human body.
  • As free radicals are a primary cause of ageing, wheat germ oil supplements, which are potent antioxidants, prevent ageing.
  • Thanks to its anti-inflammation properties, wheat germ oil supplement helps in providing relief from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which benefit the human body in more than one way.
  • Research and studies have revealed the benefits of wheat germ oil supplements on the body’s immune system.

Why Nutra Grace?

Nutra Grace has adopted a superior technology of liquid filling Hard Gelatin/ HPMC(Vegetarian) capsules with unique formulations. These liquid filled capsules are broken down and absorbed in the bloodstream easily, thus, promising quicker results against its counterparts. What’s more, these capsules are free from
preservatives and do not absorb moisture, therefore, do not stick to each other. Also, the HPMC capsules used in E-Veg are made from plant extracts, thus, making them completely natural and vegan.
So, imagine the multiple benefits that you can derive from this wonderful combination in E-Veg capsules by Nutra Grace.

Suggested Use - 1-2 capsules a day or as directed by the Healthcare Practitioner.


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