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The human body forms Vitamin D using the sun’s ultraviolet-B rays (UVB). However, lifestyle changes, weather conditions, and other environmental factors have led to Vitamin D3 deficiency in the body. Lack of Vitamin D leads to bone brittleness, skin conditions, and other health issues. This supplement can help overcome Vitamin D3 deficiency. These Vitamin D3 capsules also provide calcium to the body, thus, helping maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.


Benefits of D32K:


  •       Ideal for individuals who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to limited sun exposure
  •       Supports muscle, heart, and overall health
  •       Boosts immunity
  •       Maintains the calcium balance in the body
  •       Promotes bone & dental health
  •       Helps increase bone density in women & the elderly
  •       Beneficial for people recovering from fractures or other bone issues
  •       Helps with diabetes management as Vitamin D affects the insulin secretion in the body


Suggested Use: Adults can have one capsule daily after meals. The capsules are to be taken with a balanced diet that includes lots of dairy products to ensure regular calcium intake.

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