D31K Vitamin D3 1000 I.U. Capsules

D31K Vitamin D3 1000 I.U Capsules

  • Supports bone and teeth health when consumed as a dietary supplement
  • Helps increase bone density for elderly and women
  • Beneficial for people recovering from fractures and other bone issues
  • Also support muscle, heart and overall health


Description - D3 - 1K, 2K, 50K and 60K capsules

Vitamin D, popularly known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” benefits the human body in more than one way. Although this vitamin is known to promote bone health, it serves many other functions too. So, adding Vitamin D supplement to your daily diet is more beneficial than you ever thought.

Vitamin D3 -Vitamin D exists in five forms, the most important of which is D3. Vitamin D3 plays a significant role in maintaining the levels of calcium and phosphorous in the body. It also supports dental health and facilitates the normal immune system. Conversely, Vitamin D3 deficiency results in muscle weakness, bone discomfort, poor cognitive function, and asthma in children and so on. However, there’s no reason to worry. With Nutra Grace’s Vitamin D3 1K, 2K, 50K and 60K IU capsules, you can spruce up the vitamin D3 deficiency in your body and promote overall well being.

About Vitamin D - Vitamin D is produced in the body as a response to exposure to the sun. However, many factors affect the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. Experts opine that you can get the daily dose of Vitamin D when fifty percent of the body is exposed to sunlight for at least fifteen to twenty minutes without sunscreen. What’s more, the synthesis of Vitamin D in people above 70 years of age is much lower than the younger ones. Moreover, the time of the day in which you get the exposure to the sun also matters. The colour of the skin also plays a role in the synthesis of vitamin D. People with a fairer tone synthesize Vitamin D better than the ones with darker skin tones. The atmosphere also blocks the sun’s rays in the winter months. So, just sitting in the sun at any time of the day may not keep the vitamin D levels
balanced. It is therefore, advisable to include D3 supplements in the daily diet.

The many benefits of consuming this supplement are:

  • Promotes Immune System in the body
  • Maintains the calcium balance; thus, promoting bone and dental health in
    the body.
  • Vitamin D levels affect the insulin secretion in the body. It, therefore aids
    diabetes management in the body.
  •  It reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis
  • It reduces depression
  • It promotes heart health.

So, include Vitamin D3 in your diet with Nutra Grace’s D3 supplements, which are available in three variations. These are:

  • D3 1K capsules
  • D3 2K capsules
  • D3 50K capsules
  • D3 60K capsules, which are stabilized in virgin coconut oil for additional

Why Nutra Grace?

Nutra Grace has adopted a superior technology of liquid filling Hard Gelatin/ HPMC(Vegetarian) capsules with unique formulations. These liquid filled capsules are broken down and absorbed in the bloodstream easily, thus, promising quicker results against its counterparts. What’s more, these capsules are free from
preservatives and do not absorb moisture, therefore, do not stick to each other. So, boast of a super bone health with Nutra Grace’s D3 capsules.

Suggested Use - The capsules should be taken with a balanced diet with lots of dairy products for regular calcium intake. It is ideal for both men and women of over 18 years and 1 capsule can be consumed once a day after meals.







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